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Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd. in order to properly protect the personal information handled on site, "Personal Information Protection Act" will act in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Personal information handled on the site

Treated as personal information below. You obtained and entered in order to inquire address, name, phone number and e-mail address and personal identifiable information

Personal Information

Collection and use of personal information provided Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd. to clarify the scope of the collection of personal information collected prior to use objective, and appropriate use within the desired range.

Respect for Rights

Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd. respects the rights of individuals regarding personal information, for personal self, "" Disclosure "correction", "Add" and "Delete" "stop use" "Clear," "stop offering to third parties "When asked to support this is a reasonable range.

Proper Management of Personal Information

Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd. kept under strict control of personal information, unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, and implement appropriate preventive measures and corrective measures to prevent leaks and .

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information held by us, we will ask to below.

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