Blue Steel Hongasumi EEdo Type Unagi Saki Knife 210mm

Blue Steel Hongasumi EEdo Type Unagi Saki Knife

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Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
1ee8-210 210 330 315
Blade Material Name Handle
Single Edged

Single Edged

Blue Steel #2 Magnolia Round Handle with Buffalo horn bolster

Unagi Saki

This knife is designed for cutting eel, the shape differs across the regions of Japan such as Kansai,Kanto,Nagoya,Kyoto and Kyushu.

Blue Steel #2

Steel Material
Blue Steel #2 has a small amount of Tungsten for hardness and Chromium for toughness.This results in a steel that has higher overall edge retention and hardness in comparison to White Steels.Many Blue steel knives at Sakai Ichimonji will feature a traditional �gHamon�h or Wave like pattern defining the harder steel from the softer steel.NOTE* This is a Carbon Steel , which means it is susceptible to rust if not properly cared for. Please clean and dry the blade regularly in between use.

Magnolia Round Handle with Buffalo horn bolster

Our Magnolia wood handles are made from natural Magnolia and Buffalo Horn ( Ethically sourced Horn ).The Magnolia and Buffalo Horn are fitted tightly together then shaped and polished in the traditional round style to not only look beautiful, but also feel comfortable in the hand.

Forge Welding

Forging Process
Forging is the main process for producing high quality blades. A craftsmen will heat a piece of Steel in a forge, and repeatedly strike it with a hammer, shaping the Steel into the desired blade shape and also at the same time refining the grain size and driving impurities out of the Steel. The blade is then hardened and later tempered to relieve stress. Forging generally produces a superior blade to the more common stamping method used by large companies.

Mei-kiri Engraving

Mei-Kiri Engraving Service
Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide can have your name in Kanji (Japanese Characters) engraved by one of our skilled craftsmens for free.
This service is provided exclusively to customers who purchase their knives directly from Sakai Ichimonji and is available at the time of purchase only. Our friendly staff can also assist in finding the appropriate Kanji for your name.
The engraving process is completed by hand using a hammer and chisel. NOTE* Some knives cannot be engraved due to shape,hardness or blade pattern. Please consult with a staff member who may suggest alternatives.
sOur knife engraving service is a unique way to personalize your newly purchased blade and is a great idea for gifts.

A knife store that has supported the history of knives and food culture in Japan.

It has been 600 years since the birth of swordmaking in the Sakai region of Japan. Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide's and it's craftsmen continue to build on that legacy by producing the finest blades in Japan.
. This is where the culture of completing a dish of sashimi by "just cutting" and the culture of expressing sharpness as "taste" was born.
For 70 years, we have been connecting the spirit of Sakai's craftsmen with the passion of chefs in Osaka's kitchen equipment shopping district, known as the kitchen of Japan.
We are very happy that our knives can be used by people all over the world.


After use, wash off any dirt and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. This product is not for use with frozen foods.This product is handmade, so each piece will be different.�@Please use the weight and length listed as a guide. Each material is natural and may vary in color. It is not the same as the picture.We take great care with our inventory, but in the unlikely event that we are out of stock, we will contact you by email to let you know.