Ichimonji Kei Suminagashi Wa Santoku knife

Ichimonji Kei Suminagashi Wa Santoku knife

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steel material

Damascus is a forging process in which two types of steel materials of different hardness are bent over many layers and forged together, and by polishing the blade, the hard steel material glistens and the soft steel material dulls, creating a unique pattern on the surface that resembles the grain of wood. This ripple pattern is called Damascus steel. The beautiful rippled pattern of Damascus steel is very popular among foreign chefs. The center of the knife is made of hard, rust-resistant V-Kin No. 10, which makes the knife long lasting and sharp.


Santoku Knife is an all-purpose knife used for a wide range of purposes such as meat, vegetables, and fish, and is used for household purposes. Originally, the Gyuto(Chef Knife), a Western-style knife, was used as an all-rounder, but the Santoku kitchen knife is a knife that takes advantage of the characteristics of the Japanese nakiri knife and Gyuto(Chef Knife). In recent years, more and more people overseas have been using "Santoku" knives as Japanese knives.

Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
1bgd 170 305 120
Blade Material Name Handle
Double Edgedd

Double Edged

VG-1 Red Laquerware Pattern