Ichimonji Kuro blue steel super Kurouchi Sujihiki(Slicer)

Ichimonji Kuro blue steel super Kurouchi Sujihiki(Slicer)

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steel material

Aogang Super is made by increasing the carbon content of the high-hardness Aoichi steel and adding vanadium, which makes the blade harder and stickier. It is characterized by the fact that it is a very long lasting knife and does not lose its sharpness. On the other hand, this is a hard steel that is very hard to sharpen and takes a long time to attach the blade. Because it is carbon steel, the blade is very sharp and sharp, but if the blade is left in water or salt, it will rust.

Purpose of use

A sujibiki is mainly used as a meat knife, with a narrower blade, which is used to cut large blocks of meat along the stripes. Since many people use it as a slicer, more and more cooks are using it as a sashimi knife these days.

Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
2bss-240 240 370 -
Blade Material Name Handle
Double Edgedd

Double Edged

Shinco Specialty Handle