Monocock Sujihiki(Slicer)

Monocock Sujihiki(Slicer)

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steel material

The hardness of 6A steel used is lower than other stainless steels, so it is not a long-cutting blade, but it is easy to sharpen and handle, so it is recommended for beginners.


A sujibiki is mainly used as a meat knife, with a narrower blade, which is used to cut large blocks of meat along the stripes. Many people use it as a slicer, so more and more cooks are using it as a sashimi knife these days. The stainless steel monocoque handle makes the knives dishwasher and washable, making them hygienic.

Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
2mos 240 370 155
Blade Material Name Handle
Double Edgedd

Double Edged

sliver steel#3 Octagonal Ebony Handle