White Steel#2 Wa Santoku knife Hiramaru Handle

White Steel#2 Wa Santoku knife Hiramaru Handle

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Hakuni Steel is a standard Japanese knife that is most often used by professionals. This steel is a high-purity steel that has been more free of impurities and is characterized by its sharpness and sharpness, making it easier to re-sharpen and more cost-effective than blue steel. Compared to the conventional Hakueni Steel, the blade is very stubborn and the holding of the blade has been greatly improved due to the forging and quenching process by skilled craftsmen. Because it is carbon steel, the blade is very sharp and sharp, but it is susceptible to rust if the blade is left in water or salt.


Santoku Knife is an all-purpose knife used for a wide range of purposes such as meat, vegetables, and fish, and is used for household purposes. Originally, the Gyuto(Chef Knife), a Western-style knife, was used as an all-rounder, but the Santoku kitchen knife is a knife that takes advantage of the characteristics of the Japanese nakiri knife and Gyuto(Chef Knife). In recent years, more and more people overseas have been using "Santoku" knives as Japanese knives.

Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
1b9s 165 320 135
Blade Material Name Handle
Double Edgedd

Double Edged

blue steel#2 Specialty Handle